Focused Portfolio

Our Focused Portfolio is a well-balanced portfolio of 8-10 high quality stocks which has a healthy mix of stocks from the Small-Cap as well as Mid-Cap universe. This portfolio can generate up to 30% CAGR on your investment, which means that your money can grow almost 300% in next 5 years by investing in this portfolio!

The top feature of this service is that as soon as you subscribe with us, we don’t keep you waiting –

We give you instant access to your portfolio of 10 stocks with the fund allocation.

This service is Excel Stock Research’s attempt to show retail investors how exactly one should build his equity portfolio. Our research team believes that “Less is more” which means that the best way to create wealth from the stock market is “Focused Investing”.

Talk about the world’s best value investor, Warren Buffett, and you will realize that he was able to generate such mega returns in last few decades only on the shoulders of few select stocks. He did extensive homework on very few stock ideas, invested heavily in them and the result of the strategy is so very well evident to the entire world.

You only need few stock ideas to secure your future!

Under this service, we will be applying the same strategy –
Invest in very few stocks, invest heavily in them and see the money multiply!

On your behalf, as a SEBI registered Investment Advisor, we do intensive homework and background study on the stocks and present to you a Focused Portfolio consisting of only 8-10 stock ideas.

Educating retail investors about the importance of “Focused investing” is the main goal.

Focused investing is a very unique approach we have towards stock investing because in the stock advisory universe all you will hear is service providers promising you 20-30-40 stock recommendations in a year but nobody cares whether you invest in them or not. Nobody cares whether you make money from them or not.

But, we do care - about your hard-earned money and reaching your financial goals!

  • Number Of recommendations

    Portfolio access

    Instant access to a portfolio of 10 stocks

  • Type of stocks recommended

    Type of stocks recommended

    A healthy mix of Small-Cap and Mid-Cap stocks

  • Returns expected

    Returns expected

    Up to 30% Annualized returns on your net investment

  • Holding


    We will continue holding the stocks as long as the growth story is playing out successfully or until we find a better opportunity

  • Communication


    SMS, Email & Whatsapp

  • Contact Person

    Contact Person

    A dedicated Investment Advisor

  • Alerts


    Entry & exit strategies with important stocks updates (Quarterly results, Management updates), rebalancing of fund allocation, replacement of exited stocks and hand-holding through tough market conditions

The core principle of our Focused Portfolio is investing in very few stocks, investing heavy in them and holding them with complete conviction.

The most important basis of our research is not to lose the investment permanently by booking losses in bad businesses, thus, assessing the downside risk of the business while projecting the future growth prospect becomes our primary goal.

We are not in the business of recommendation based services where we recommend 20-30-40 stock recommendations to you. We are those type of stock advisors who invest their day and night to analyze businesses and find just 8 to 10 gems out of 4500+ stocks listed in the stock market universe.

In order to find those gems, we have set up few parameters which help us detect the good business from the bad, determine the business’s underlying value and assess the downside risk attached to the opportunity –

  • Company’s Sales and Profits consistently growing with a CAGR of 25-30%
  • Businesses that generate free cash flows with lazer focus on managing debt on the balance sheet efficiently
  • Growing market share in the respective industry
  • Having a competitive edge like unique technology or patents over its competitors
  • High growth projections by the management in coming years with constructive plans to increase CapEx
  • Businesses that have minimal regulatory policy related risks
  • Businesses that are run by management of exceptional caliber with ability to successfully scale up
  • Company’s stock price trading at cheaper valuation compared to its peers in the industry

There is no reason why you shouldn’t invest with us! We are a well reputed; SEBI registered Investment Advisor providing stock market advisory services with a crystal clear intention of adding value to all of our subscribers’ lives by providing top-notch services with utmost honesty. Not only that but let us also come out in open and admit that we invest along with you in our Focused Portfolio too. This shows the level of commitment we bring to the game since our money is at stake too. Even one wrong trade/investment can prove extremely costly in markets, for our subscribers and for us too. We consider the Focused Portfolio itself as an investment - An investment that ensures not just the safety of your capital, but healthy growth without taking unnecessary risk.
Once you subscribe with us, we will immediately confirm your payment via an email which will also have your Invoice copy. Next, we will give you instant access to your portfolio of 10 stocks along with fund allocation. And following that, you get an Introductory call from your Dedicated Relationship Manager who takes you through the entire investment process.
This service is only suitable for investors who are looking to invest in great quality businesses and create wealth over a longer period of time. This requires a lot of patience, determination, and trust on the stock advisor you are associated with. It doesn’t matter if you are a small investor who just started investing yesterday or a high net worth investor who has a heavy investment – Value investing with knowledge and patience always pays mega returns for players who go by the rule book. Please note: This is not a service for intraday traders, short-term traders or speculators who are looking to make quick profits. We would suggest not subscribe to this service if you have a habit of tracking stocks every hour or every day and get affected with every rupee of price movement that occurs in the market.
For investors who are going for lump sum investment, we recommend that you at least go for Rs. 2 to 3 lakhs at one shot. And, in future, as and when required, you can add more funds as per your availability. And, for investors who want to take the SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) route, you can start investing monthly portions in all the recommended stocks from the portfolio. For the more personalized plan, you can get in touch with your Dedicated Relationship Manager.
The Focused Portfolio is a never-ending portfolio where we continuously rebalance and restructure the portfolio of 8-10 stocks. It is our continuous endeavor to maintain this portfolio with top 8 to 10 stocks which are great opportunities to invest. We provide you with 1,2 and 3 years access to this portfolio which means that in your subscription tenure, you will receive all the stock updates, entry and exit strategies, rebalancing of fund allocation, replacements of exited stocks from the portfolio, quarterly performance reviews of the stocks and hand-holding through rough market conditions. Hence your service duration depends on the access you get for the portfolio – 1, 2 or 3 years.
The Focused Portfolio has a healthy mix of Small-Cap to Mid-Cap companies. Wherever we see the value and find an opportunity to make high returns with limited downside risks, we go ahead with researching it in more depth. Once we fulfill our thirst of collecting more than enough information about the company and are convinced about the opportunity, only then do we release the stock idea to you.
As soon as you subscribe with us, we give you instant access to your portfolio of 10 stocks. Since this service is not "Recommendation" based type of service where we commit you with a set number of stock recommendations, we do not commit any specific number of new stocks which will be added to your portfolio. Changes are only done when we see that a company’s earnings growth has lost the momentum in which case we ask you to EXIT from that stock and then we replace the exited stock with a better opportunity.
At any point in time during your subscription tenure, you will have an average of 8 to 10 stocks always open in your portfolio.
First and for most, let us clear the air about this high number of stock recommendations. It is not about how many numbers of recommendations the advisor gives you, what matters is how much returns can he generate for you. If he recommends 20-30-40 stocks to you but you still make 10-20% returns, then what is the point? The core of our Focused Portfolio is “Focused Investing” which is investing in very few companies with heavy investments and holding them with full conviction. The returns expected by investing in our Focused Portfolio are up to 30% annualized returns. This concept has been proven the test of time and has been applied by world’s top investors like Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch – some names from the US and Indian ace investors like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Ramdeo Agarwal, RK Damani .etc.
Generally, no one would be equally bullish on all stocks from the portfolio; there would be some stocks where we would be highly optimistic, some with a moderate level of optimism and some stocks where we just have a minimal level of conviction. Hence, we would have a clear allocation mentioned to each stock in our Focused Portfolio. The minimum allocation would be 10% and the maximum would be 15%. There would be some stocks where we start with a 10% allocation and over time as conviction goes up and/or valuation becomes more attractive we will keep on increasing allocation to higher levels up until 15%.
If you invest as per our guidelines, your portfolio will be delivering up to 30% annualized returns on your net investment which means that compounded annually, your investment can grow up to 300% in 5 years.
Instead of trying to time the markets, an investor should be focusing on spending more time in the markets. We don’t believe that there is a perfect time to invest and a perfect time to exit. You should invest in businesses which are promising growth in the future and exit when the there is no steam left in the company and is trading at expensive valuation.
As soon as you subscribe, you will be allotted a Dedicated Relationship Manager who will be your point of contact from the company. You can call / Whatsapp / Email him all your questions, doubts, queries and it is has been our record that each and every query has been answered within 48 hours! Or else you contact us on - 8554833336 / 8554833337 and write to us on